Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Kino Club finishes up our inaugural opening weekender on the theme of Spring with films looking at communities interacting with the land through work, leisure and discovery, exploring ideas of freedom, fragility and hardiness.

A rare screening of the BFI critically acclaimed feature film Winstanley (1974), directed by Kevin Brownlow (It Couldn’t Happen Here). Brownlow goes to extraordinary lengths to give a historically accurate account of the trials and tribulations of 17th century social reformer Gerrard Winstanley and his Diggers, as they try to build their homes on common land in post civil war England. A righteous piece, yet beguiling calm with a gentle humour, this film sparkles and agitates, striking modern parallels and concerns about the land, politics and community. You end up feeling charmed that such a film exists.

Live music comes from local composer and multi-instrumentalist Robert Stillman, who, along with performing a set, will also accompany a rare screening of the mesmerising early cinema 7 minute documentary Birth of a Flower (1910) with music specially commissioned for tonight. Stillman’s self-titled ‘archaic futures’ of instrumentals is a treat for fans of popular and folk-forms, pre-Jazz, Ghost Box, Will Oldman, Brian Harnetty.

Also included: Dee Meaden’s 7 minute short Tom & Esther Learn Lessons (2010) – six-year-old Esther is delighted when she finds a huddle of newborn mice in a field. She can't resist picking one up even though her brother warns her against it.

Finally, fresh from Screen South’s Archivia exhibition artist we're screening Adam Chodzko’s 17 minute documentary The Pickers (2009) shows a group of Romanian migrant workers at a UK strawberry farm who alternate their intensive strawberry picking with the editing and mediation of a 20th century film archive of British migrant hop pickers. The Picker’s has the dreamlike quality of a true time-travel.  

Doors: 18.00. Ends: 22.30

Tickets: £6 from Resident & Rounders Record Shops & from wegottickets.com  
£6 on the door

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