Wednesday, 22 June 2011


This Sunday at the West Hill Hall, Brighton, there will be a special Q&A with STEVE AYLETT 
after LINT the Movie


We are also chuffed as freaking pie to announce that the rather wonderful stand-up comedian  
is coming along to do a LIVE set before the screening.
Check out his recent slot on 

All this for a single FIVER in a fully functioning chamber with clear entrance and exit signs whilst festivals drown in biblical mud and neediness.

See you Sunday.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Local to Brighton? 
Thinking of coming to see the premiere of Steve Aylett's quite frankly excellent documentary film on Jeff Lint 'LINT the Movie' at Kino Club on Sunday June 26th? 
Tickets are now available from Brighton's one and only Daves Comics on Sydney St and Resident Records on Kensington Gardens for only FIVE Earth pounds!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

And we're back!!!

YES and our Summer event can now be revealed:

presents the World Premiere of

Jeff Lint: 'The most imaginative and inconvenient SF writer in modern history'

LINT THE MOVIE documents the life and work of cult SF author and philosopher JEFF LINT, creator of some of the strangest and most inventive works of the twentieth century.

It stars Alan Moore, Steve Aylett, Josie Long, Stewart Lee, Robin Ince, D.Harlan Wilson, Jeff Vandermeer, Leila Johnston, Andrew O'Neill, Bill Ectric, Mitzi Szereto, Vessel [David Devant] and others. 

Featuring clips from Lint's books, cartoons, music, comics and films, plus interviews with fans & critics, the movie follows Lint's life from the days of vintage pulp, through his adoption by the psychedelic counterculture and disastrous scripts for 'Star Trek' and 'Patton'; to his status as an enigmatic cult figure. Never-before-seen archive footage and recordings of Lint himself, and commentary by those who knew and read him, results in a compelling portrait of the creator of Clowns & Insects, Jelly Result, The Stupid Conversation, The Riding On Luggage Show, the CATERER comic, and Catty and the Major, the scariest kids' cartoon ever aired.

Lint’s was a career haunted by death, including the undetected death of his agent, the suspicious death of his rival Herzog, and the unshakable 'Lint is dead' rumours, which persisted even after his death. Like his contemporary Philip K. Dick, he was blithely ahead of his time.

This special Brighton screening will be introduced by Lint biographer and director Mr Steve Aylett

More to the bill to be announced soon!

Doors: 7.00pm
Tickets: £5.00
Online NOW:
In Brighton (from 29th May): Dave's Comics, Resident Records, EdgeWorld

Screening at: The West Hill Community Hall
Compton Avenue, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 3PS.
The hall is a 5 minute walk from Brighton train station up Terminus Road towards Seven Dials. Tucked away down it's own little off-road a little ways up and across from the West Hill Pub on the corner of Buckingham Place and Compton Ave. You can't miss it. 

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cinema is all around - sometimes up, sometimes down, but always around.

On Saturday a day out to Eastbourne ended pleasantly at the old Curzon Picturehouse, row E. The projectionist had serious eclectic taste in pre-curtain opening music: doom death metal before Pearl & Dean. 
Some classic Lynch-red curtains and surround lights going to.

 And spotted down the road from Kino Club HQ: 
Charlies Cinema
now showing
The Empire Strikes Back

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Kino Club finishes up our inaugural opening weekender on the theme of Spring with films looking at communities interacting with the land through work, leisure and discovery, exploring ideas of freedom, fragility and hardiness.

A rare screening of the BFI critically acclaimed feature film Winstanley (1974), directed by Kevin Brownlow (It Couldn’t Happen Here). Brownlow goes to extraordinary lengths to give a historically accurate account of the trials and tribulations of 17th century social reformer Gerrard Winstanley and his Diggers, as they try to build their homes on common land in post civil war England. A righteous piece, yet beguiling calm with a gentle humour, this film sparkles and agitates, striking modern parallels and concerns about the land, politics and community. You end up feeling charmed that such a film exists.

Live music comes from local composer and multi-instrumentalist Robert Stillman, who, along with performing a set, will also accompany a rare screening of the mesmerising early cinema 7 minute documentary Birth of a Flower (1910) with music specially commissioned for tonight. Stillman’s self-titled ‘archaic futures’ of instrumentals is a treat for fans of popular and folk-forms, pre-Jazz, Ghost Box, Will Oldman, Brian Harnetty.

Also included: Dee Meaden’s 7 minute short Tom & Esther Learn Lessons (2010) – six-year-old Esther is delighted when she finds a huddle of newborn mice in a field. She can't resist picking one up even though her brother warns her against it.

Finally, fresh from Screen South’s Archivia exhibition artist we're screening Adam Chodzko’s 17 minute documentary The Pickers (2009) shows a group of Romanian migrant workers at a UK strawberry farm who alternate their intensive strawberry picking with the editing and mediation of a 20th century film archive of British migrant hop pickers. The Picker’s has the dreamlike quality of a true time-travel.  

Doors: 18.00. Ends: 22.30

Tickets: £6 from Resident & Rounders Record Shops & from  
£6 on the door

Friday, 18 February 2011


     we are very excited to announce our first ever event,   
West Hill Hall Film Club Celebrates Riot Grrl
on Saturday 26th March 2011
The night will feature live music from Trash Kit and WOOLF playing alongside the worldwide premiere of a brand new documentary film about pre-eminant and hugely influential UK riot grrl outfit Huggy Bear and an extremely rare UK showing of the riot grrl celluloid holy grail, Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains (to our knowledge only the 3rd ever public screening of the film in this country)

tickets will be £6 in advance from Resident Records and online at We Got Tickets

The event will finish promptly at 2230, allowing plenty of time for london folk to catch the last train back home at 2337

We will also be running a zine stall selling reprints of original Huggy Bear zines and lots more, to contribute email Toby

Any further questions should be emailed to the kinoclub